Facing Your Fear on a Daily Basis

Each one of us have the ability to transform a negative fear with a positive one. Whether it’s the fear of failure, living up to expectations or being judged — refocus your mind on a deeper and more significant and positive “fear”. Ask yourself, am I living up to my potential? What is my calling? Concerning yourself with a higher purpose will help transform the negative fears.

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
How to Overcome Fear
Wednesday, January 17, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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4 years ago

Just what I needed today. When I woke up this morning and said the Modah Ani..I was thanking G-d inside for having belief in me for another day. Every day is a Mikveh of Hope.

5 months ago

Amen and excellent! Beautifully said. Moshiach now! 🙂

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