Do You Feel Listless? Inertia in an Age of Mobility

One of the great ironies of our time: As mobile technology accelerates we are becoming increasingly lethargic. We may be chalking up millions of frequent flyer miles while barely moving emotionally and spiritually? We can access anything, anywhere, anytime. But are we leading more meaningful lives? How can we make sense of this disparity between unprecedented outer mobility and unparalleled inner apathy?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this provocative talk analyzing this growing paradox of our times and discover a new perspective on mobility and how we can free ourselves from becoming couch potatoes.

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Roya Safari
7 years ago

Shalom dear kind holy Rabbi Simon Jacobson, holy friend kind Yisroel Glick, and families.

I will saying is so wonderful exiting I am of listen to your meaningful class. You are the real holy scientists , as I saying to my kid always. Was some few week I had not your lessons. And I felt so empty, so sad. And my yahoo acontdid wrong to me, so yeasterday I fixed my email address, I hope not coming problems. I shall saying in writing in my need I found out I am in preieum class, and cost more money , but as you know I am a very poor mother from persia living as refugee in norway, and very few money I take from sosial. So I am very worry lost you. Please do not let that wrong way happen to me, please. I am a writer and sending my poetry to you and kind Yisroel every day. And he cares much about my writing, holy God will. I will coming to New York , but is very hard for me saving money. Praying holy God helping me, please. Kind regarding from Roya Safari. Please feedback me kindly.

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