Finding Your Self Worth (Even When You’re Told You Don’t Have Any)

How would you rate your self esteem? And how do we even define self worth? What do we consider valuable? Is it how much money you have; how many possessions you own? Is it how many friends you have; how much love you have in your life?

And who defines self worth? Do we define it ourselves? Or do others define it?

We live in a world where we are inundated from every direction by all types of voices trying to sell us something. If you buy this, you’ll look better and you’ll feel more valuable and more worthy. But is our worth so surface based, so superficial. Additionally, we are faced with constant demands and expectations — from parents, educators, employers and employees, family, media, politicians and more — competing for our attention, time and energy.  No wonder that we find it often difficult to discover ourselves — to appreciate who we are and our own inherent value, independent of all these forces. Can others give us our worth or should our worth be generated from within?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he discusses this critical topic that affects us all. Discover how to recognize your true value — that which makes you truly indispensable. Learn how to build inner security and confidence, enabling you to make healthier choices and decisions, and helping you actualize your greatest potential.

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