From Destruction to Resurrection

One of the most powerful sights to behold is the regeneration of a forest after it has burned down. Few things are more astounding to witness than renewal after hopelessness and rebirth after death.

How have you reacted to the scars and schisms in your life? Have you given up? Do you feel like damaged goods?

All of us will experience a crack in our lives — a broken relationship, a shattered dream, an unfulfilled promise, a betrayal of trust. For some devastation comes as a result of abuse and trauma — causing one to feel like something was ‘”killed inside of me.” How you respond and rebound after something has been lost or destroyed will define your life.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating presentation on how to create regeneration after fires have ravaged your life. If you have experienced any type of loss or destruction — this class is for you. It will give you a new perspective and hope on your losses and offer you actionable exercises to discover deeper resources in coping and growing through your challenges. Like the Biblical phoenix arising from the ashes, and the new moon reborn each month, like new life sprouting from an eroding seed and the newborn chick emerging from a cracked egg, learn ways to experience a metamorphosis in your own life — empowering you to transform destruction into resurrection.

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