Howling at the Full Moon: Healing From Our Wounds

Howling at the Full Moon: Healing From Our Wounds
Healing plays a very big part in our lives. We all carry wounds — physical, emotional and psychological scars. But there are very many different ways — from one end of the spectrum to the other — how we deal with them and how we heal from them. From the ancients to the moderns, and with all the tremendous advancements in medicine today, healing continues to evolve and remains, in many ways (especially in the psychological and non-empirical realm) a mystery, embroiled often in controversy as to what actually works and what does not.

Nature, of course, is always our best resource in both deriving (or simulating or synthesizing) medicinal agents and understanding the regenerative process.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating Tu B’Av Full Moon workshop and discover the healing secrets of the 4000 year old lunar system. Learn how the moon carries many yet untapped powers, which when accessed can realize hidden strengths within you and help you heal in new and surprising ways.

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Harry Pearle
7 years ago

Thanks for focusing my attention on the importance of the lunar cycle. This has me thinking about life, in general. Every day of life has daylight and nighttime. Night used to be dark, pitch black, and then the moon came out to offer a guiding light.

But now, we tend to get caught up in the rush of time, and multi-tasking, day and night. However, we can slow things down, here and there. We can note the moment by moment tick of time. And we can note the longer stretches of time, as the moon goes through its phases.

As we will soon hear the sound of the Shofar, in Elul, we may note the short, medium and long blasts. I am thinking today, on Tu BAv about how I can adjust my own rhythms, faster and slower, to seize the day, Carpe Diem… Tekia, Shevarim, Truah… THANK YOU Rabbi Jacobson

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