Giving Unconditional Love

How often do you ask yourself whether your needs are being met in your relationship? Not to minimize the importance of being  fulfilled in relationships, healthy love is more about what you give than what you take; what you offer than what you need. A truly loving spouse will exude love without the motivation of what s/he gets out of it. Are you a giver or a taker? Do you love unconditionally? Do you know how to love unconditionally? Join best-selling author and counselor-to-thousands Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a three-minute talk on the spiritual nature of unconditional love, and what it takes to give it.

This is an excerpt from: Is Love About Taking or Giving?

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
What is Love?
Wednesday, February 15, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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3 years ago

Maybe I am mistaken to have thought that Hashem also needs us human beings to create a dwelling place so that redemption may arrive. When I was young, finding an equal partner to have a child together with was one of the main purpose of my search, the other was to get away from the house I grew up in to create my own life. Then, I thought we would both give and take equally, without measure, with total devotion, giving ourselves to the other. Without thinking of conditions, life was intense and very complex. I would say, our needs had to do with overcoming childhood traumas. And there is also a purpose to fulfill in everyone’s life, taking one farther away from the other half due to circumstances beyond one’s control…. Thank you Rabbi Simon Jacobson for reinforcing the power of love that binds, nourishes and heals all of us.

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