Happiness in Life Without Money

Can you be happy without money? Does money guarantee happiness? Can you have money and be miserable? The power money wields over us is undeniable. It deeply impacts and exerts its influence on virtually every aspect of our lives. What does this power teach us about ourselves? We all need money to live, but is our dependency on money simply about necessity, or is it deeper than that — emotionally and psychologically?

Your relationship with money can illuminate so much about who you are and where you stand in life. Is your net self worth defined by your net worth? We all want to be valued. How much of your worthiness is determined by the value of your inner self and how much is determined by externals?  What does money tell you about your self-confidence?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this insightful talk on our often bizarre connection with money and how it profoundly reflects our personalities and priorities. Despite the fact that no one has ever figured out how to take their money with them to the next world, people are obsessed with hanging on to their very last cent, and will compromise much greater — and even eternal – values for… money! We will sell out and sacrifice our own good and the good of our loves ones for a few dollars. Is that not an addiction? Can we learn how to free ourselves of this attachment and be happy people independent of our monetary worth?

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