The Happiness Myth: Is There Anything I Can Do to Be a Happier Person?

How many books are being peddled promising to make you a happier person? How many experts, therapists, life coaches, webinars, seminars, blogs and every possible information channel are offering us the secrets to happiness? A google search for “how to become happy” yields 80,200,000 results! (The time it would take to go through 5% of those results would sure keep your mind off your miseries…).

With all those methods out there you would think people should have become happier. But is that true? Obviously, if there was a proven way to achieve happiness more manuals and workshops wouldn’t be needed. The very fact that new happiness tools are constantly being sold tells us that the previous offerings aren’t working…

Perhaps we need to revisit and take a new look at what happiness truly is. Without a clear definition of happiness. our expectations may be unrealistic. We may be seeking the wrong thing or seeking in the wrong way.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this illuminating workshop as he dissects the anatomy of happiness and dispels the myths surrounding its elusive search. Discover how happiness is a state of being that results from certain behaviors, mindsets and feelings, rather than being a commodity and an action. Learn the ultimate secret (which no book or lecture can give you): You are already a happy person. You just need to uncover it.

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elliot N
7 years ago

live tonight at class?

Gerry Weitz (from San Diego)
7 years ago

Hello Rabbi,

I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream in which I was singing “אדיר הוא.”

I went into the living room to listen to your happiness video, which I had fallen asleep to the night before. Your words reminded me of my father at his best, a brilliant man , yet capable also in his ability to enjoy the simple things in life, a bird, a walk in the woods, pecan ice cream and good herring. But he had a lot of stress and smoked a lot until his first heart attack. He died too young. And I was just thinking that he would perhaps have lived longer if instead of being an engineer, that he became a rabbi.

I loved your video. Your words, which I have heard you say many times, is so perfectly stated, that birth is G-d’s way of saying you matter and that our mission is to be that fire that lights the wold with happiness.

I wanted to mention that I have slowly continued to listen to your Ayin Beis videos. (I have to have real quiet time, like right now, to listen to it). Yesterday, I found a deeper understanding to the Parsha of The Akadah, as a result of that study.. I was in my rabbi’s Torah study and we were discussing the various voices within Abraham and his relationship to G-d, and why he had to go through this test. For the first time, I saw a strong significance in the entrance of the angel into the story. I could see that he Abraham was experiencing a closer relationship to G-d than when he heard G-d’s voice directly. Because in the first instance, the communication was with a more distant G-d, but the second communication was from a closer manifestation of G-d that gave him the moral instruction not to sacrifice his son. My understanding came directly out of your teachings on Azilut and all the talk about what is infinitely more distant and the containers that are much closer to our reality, of which these angels are a part.

I wish I could share all this with my father. But I am so happy to share this learning experience with you.

6 years ago

its nice…………. like it

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