Harmony Within Diversity

Who is the wise one? The one who learns from every person.

There’s nothing more special than the dignity of a person’s journey, of a person’s soul. When you shift your mind to see people in that way, to respect and recognize their unique divine journey, you can begin to appreciate each and every individual.

Every person has something to teach, and every person has something to learn. And together we create a community, a union of harmony within diversity.

Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
What Jews Really Think of Gentiles
Wednesday, January 24, 2024 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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lotty Blok
5 months ago

With feeling sad, about what can come (in later time) an generaly create by people, also, it is without who was near by in past or missed oppurtunies……..also, I was an am not as perfect. But, I have listening to your message, spoken in video an it toutch me heart. Sure, it is me to alowed this. I can think, l ‘hitpaol’ about what you meant to say (again). Because, I can’t learn from everyone (so far i know). But it give a boost for touch the heart, the vote for don’t give up an sure, I understand that desire ‘love is in me, an in others. If new contact is on me way it can’t be as the story I wear with memory of past, dear ones. But, I give room for move a litle bit focus on the human, in me an what reconzie the other. Excample, who have limit an call me as lady, frend. But, is this the truth of only for idea. So, what is a frend in reality. I think, it is important to move more adult (communication). So, on your way, spoken, you have right. I think about what is a frend, (again) just because the other, lady was on me way. Also, I have notice that there is a border for learn something from the other. In me, a signal for let go an take me own steer for move forwards. (this isn’t first fight against). On holocaust rememering day an notice who can lay down flowers, I feel rebel’s. But, it go on, thinking about what can i do. An me fingers on the letters an steer an meet video live. This was your live video, stream. In this was a answer. Contact the living Jewisch human an be aware how much human rabbi is. I can call this chessed. Sure, it was online. You understand that your eyes, how to look in time 7 oct. was for me as family energy an quick i watch to camera Jerusalem an it is very sad (also for animale). I feel the pain. I have learn that live give beauty an bewilderment so Hamas can’t give this to me, or you. This is one point, from out the source of live. After 7 oct. an by reaction outer i have a choice to close the door for Jewisch contact or, move forwards. It was not difficult to choice move on an to be a frend, This long reaction under your video create it maybe more clear but also, I know it is possble that many human can give energy for to be neighbour, famely or frend for Jewisch. An why not,,,,,,,it is also “love”, G’d…….Thank you, rabbi.

Ursula Schuero
5 months ago

I would have liked to have a father or husband like you, Rabbi

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