Has Our Education System Failed Us? How to Raise Healthy Children

The continued unrest on our university campuses has raised very powerful and existential questions: Are our education systems healthy or corrupt? Are we actually giving the very best to our children and to our students? Are we setting them up for life and providing the necessary tools to help them not only survive but also thrive?

There’s clearly a problem. Our universities were always meant to be the ultimate model of academic excellence, free thought, open inquiry, and healthy discussions – a place where all opinions are welcome. But when universities turn political, armed with specific agendas, you have to wonder what’s happening to our education system as a whole?

Take a look at our students. When you ask them what they stand for, what values they are ready to fight for, many of them are clueless. Couple that with technology, social media and all the forces that are inundating their impressionable minds, and we have a very confused generation. Are our youth getting a healthy education? Are they learning how to think critically, or are they being indoctrinated, brainwashed?

And above all, what is education? Is it a mere transmission of facts and information, or is it about character development?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he discusses these vital questions. Explore the anatomy of who we are as human beings, and how education is meant to shape minds, hearts and souls into being the best they can be.

Today’s crisis in our schools offers us a wake-up call and an opportunity to reclaim the true meaning and goal of education. Together let us embark on a healthy journey to realign the very focus that lies at the center of shaping the minds of our next generation.

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