Do You Have Healthy Boundaries?

As the ball drops at midnight tonight ushering in the New Year, another perhaps less known event is being commemorated this year. If New Years is marked by unbridled celebration, unlimited drinking, a night of frivolous fun and breakdown of borders (at least till the hangover is gone) — as the Times describes it: “It’s Burning Man, Independence Day fireworks, the last day of school and a full-contact Black Friday sale-a-bration all wrapped in one” — this other event is defined by the respect of boundaries and the dangers of breaching the walls that define our humanity.

Are there any lines that one should never cross, even if you are a bohemian free spirit? Why is it important to maintain healthy boundaries even in the highest moments of joy, love and transcendence? How does one achieve that balance? What is the role of definitions, structures and parameters in context of the infinite beyond? Can one cleanse “the doors of perception” and remain intact? How can one experience the boundless while bound by the narrow confines of existence? And finally: Do boundaries limit or free us?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this New Year/Tevet 10 workshop and discover the mysterious infinite power of the finite. Learn the far-reaching effects of the besieged walls of Jerusalem on this day, and how its lessons can serve as the best preventive medicine to the boundary meltdown of our open world. How healthy structure — in all relationships — is the key to experience transcendence of all structure.

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