Honesty in a World of Deception

Why be honest when we see deception everywhere we turn? We all consider truth and honesty as true virtues, and no one likes being called a liar. So why is it that so many people lie? And why is it so easy to lie? Is deception a natural part of the world order, or is it an aberration? Can we maintain our integrity and succeed in a duplicitous world?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he, in his inimitable style, digs into the core roots of deceit and deception. If all of existence and each single being began as one unified, seamless entity (one cell), how did duality and dissonance come to be? By understanding the origins of duplicity we learn how to counter its far-reaching effects, and discover ways to deceive deception and bring unity, honesty and truth into a false world.

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Seeker of the truth
4 years ago

Thank you, Rabbi Simon Jacobson. The messages in this video have helped me recognize the difference between the material world (the world of the body) and the spiritual world (the world of my soul and of everyone’s soul). I especially found value in the parable of the king who sent his son to an obscure town that was full of hostile, deceptive people. The messages in this video have helped me appreciate that this world, where most people have forgotten their soul and the souls of other people, is inherently a place of deception, hostility, and unkindness. The messages in this video have helped me see that my mission is to bring kindness and the light of truth into this dark world

Seeker of the truth
4 years ago

Previously, I thought that my perception of the world as a place of pervasive deception, hostility, malice, viciousness, and unkindness meant that there was something wrong with me and my attitude regarding other people. But now I see that this deceptiveness and hostility is in the material world as its very nature, and that the dark ways of the material world prevail in anyone who keeps forgetting their soul.

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