Quarantined and Addicted: How Can I Break Free?

Quarantine does strange things to people. It can bring out the best or the worst in us. For many of us, being locked down at home has evoked a new appreciation of our loved ones, strengthened bonds and connections, revealed new strengths and creativity. But sadly, for others it has intensified stress, fear and insecurity. Pressures, imposed limits and constraints, push us to our limits and amplify or expose cracks and wounds.

Add addiction into the equation… What impact does all this have on addiction? When our usual routines and structures are disrupted, when we’re isolated and have fewer outlets of escape, the loneliness and the inner void could drive many — especially those who have suffered from past addictions — to seek relief through unhealthy and destructive substances and behaviors. Unfortunately, the rise of addictions would seem inevitable during such times and begs the question: If addictions are notoriously, perpetually difficult to break, how much more difficult does this prove to be when we face today’s challenges? Can we — and how can we — free ourselves?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this timely talk, as he dissects the anatomy of addiction. What is addiction? What is it that drives us to addictions that wrest away control of our lives, in the first place? No one sets out with a goal to become… an addict. Which healthy person would want to become a slave, utterly dependent upon a foreign force, essentially at war with themselves?!

Discover how the root of addiction is driven by the need for love and connection. Human beings crave attachment. When we lack healthy attachments, we turn to unhealthy ones. Learn how to transform the dysfunction into the functional; how to gain relief of emptiness and demons by redirecting and channeling cravings toward transcendent goals. You can turn the intense energy of addiction into powerful devotion; commitment to the most noble and lofty of goals, and convert that powerful energy to being the best you can be.

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