How Deep Can You See?

Perceiving the Superficial vs. the Real

Look around you. What do you see? The earth, the sky, multitudes of people, perhaps some birds and trees, many concrete buildings and other structures of bricks and mortar, and whatever else is in your proximity. Now ask yourself: Does what you see define what is real? Is there anything more to existence than what our senses can perceive? If we closed our eyes, ears, taste, touch and smell — would anything be left? Would you disappear?

Obviously there is far more to reality than our sensory tools can experience, gauge or contain. Vital aspects of life like ideas, feelings, love, the psyche and above all, the soul are all invisible to the naked eye and yet are as real, and actually far more real than the surface and superficial dimension of life. Indeed, the deepest and most intimate elements of existence are not viewable or audible. We have become increasingly comfortable with the ethereal, especially in our present technological and digital age, as our daily lives are shaped and governed by invisible forces — the sub-molecular and subatomic strata, and the inner world of genes and DNA. Yet, a “battle” exists between the over-stimulation and seduction of our senses and our inner spiritual lives.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this unique Vayeira workshop and discover how to pierce the hard shell of outer existence — the one that can overwhelm our beings — and discover the reality within. Like cracking open a hard nut, success and happiness in life is dependent on uncovering the fruit within and actualizing it in our daily activities.

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