Yom Kippur Workshop: How Deep is Your Soul?

How much of your potential has been actualized? As you may have guessed, this is a trick question. Because we must first know how much potential we have before determining the amount that has been tapped. The real question then is: Do you know how much potential you contain? How deep is your soul? Or in the words of Alice’s Wonderland: How far down does the rabbit hole go? This is not a mere academic exercise; it is the key to solving many if not most of our challenges and struggles. How many of our problems are a result of us feeling hopeless and demoralized due to a wrong or underestimated assessment of our true potential? How many of our concerns would be resolved if we knew that we had the resources and strength to deal with them? Think of it this way: When faced with a dilemma, how much of the challenge is the issue itself and how much is it our confidence in our ability to find a solution? Who is in a better position to handle a predicament: One with more potential (but less awareness of his latent power) or one with more confidence and conviction (but with less potent fire-power)? All this underscores the critical importance of getting to know how powerful you actually are as opposed to how powerful you think you are.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this piercing pre-Yom Kippur workshop traveling into the depths of our souls, and discover hitherto unknown recesses and dimensions that can empower you to achieve the seemingly impossible. Learn how these special days of the year, and especially Yom Kippur, opens up doors to the core of our inner souls, to our very essence, and how to channel those intimate powers into our daily lives and relationships.

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2 years ago

Dear Rabbi Jacobson,
I’m thankful for the Meaningful Life Center. Can you help me understand, is this video (and all the other Jewish teachings at MLC) for Jews only or are you also speaking to non Jews who love the G-d of Israel?
Does what you teach apply to non Jews too?
Are all peoples souls equally G-dly, does Hashem love me as much as a person born into a Jewish family?
My soul longs to understand,
I really appreciate your reply

2 years ago
Reply to  Natalie

G-d A lmighty is the creator of everything in existence, Jew or non-Jew. We believe that everything He does is done with purpose and applies to all creation. Yes, many specifically aspects of the Torah are directly for the jewish people but we believe the philosophy of the torah applies to all. All souls are created by G-d. G-d loves any individual that serves the purpose of creation.

The Meaningful Life Center