How Do I Find My Calling in Life?

No company, organization or entity can efficiently function without a mission statement. Can you?

Have you ever asked yourself what your personal calling is in life? If you haven’t, know that you’re not alone. Most people on this planet do not have a personal mission statement. But the bigger question is how do you find your mission? How do you identify your unique and indispensable role in this world?

We’re so busy and overwhelmed with the existing pressures of life, with expectations and demands to make ends meet, to pay our bills, to fulfill family and personal needs. And in today’s day and age, with technology and media overload we are inundated from every direction. We don’t even have the time to step back and think about what our mission is. Most of us simply take life day by day, reacting to the needs of the moment.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this vital and fundamental discussion on discovering your personal calling in life, and how that will infuse every aspect of your existence with deeper meaning and urgency.

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