Yom Kippur Class: How Great Can You Become?

Do you want to realize your greatest potential? One would assume that every one would respond with an emphatic yes to this question. It would be hard to imagine that any person on earth, given the opportunity, would not want to actualize themselves to the fullest. And yet, we find that many people would hesitate or even be afraid to take on the challenge. Why? Is it because of insecurity and lack of belief in one’s capacities? Is it due to fear — fear of failure or fear of success? Or perhaps fear of the unknown — not knowing what we are truly capable of? After all, if you have little or no clue of your potential resources, how can you be expected to develop them?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this creative pre-Yom Kippur workshop and discover how the holiest day in the year carries the secret to both appreciating the greatness that you are truly capable of, and the tools to access that power in real time. Learn how to tap into the core of your soul — the best of you — your holy of holies — and integrate it into your daily life and relationships.

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