How to Awaken and Soften Your Heart

Every one of us has developed armor and defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from hostile and predatory forces around us. But what often happens is that your armor becomes so thick, and the masks you wear become so strong, that it gets difficult for you to let anyone in and to let yourself out. Even worse: at times your armor becomes your identity, and you may even lose sight of your own inner gentleness.

This is especially true for one who has suffered sustained abuse and pain. The wounds cause us to lock up to avoid any further distress. We lose our trust in people and in ourselves; fear and insecurity can dominate our lives. And the implications can be devastating: With our walls up it becomes increasingly difficult to build trusting, intimate relationships.

But all is not lost.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he discusses ways to preserve your tenderness even as you protect yourself from threatening forces around you. Discover how to access — and maintain — the softness of your heart and soul in an often difficult and challenging world. You have incredible reservoirs of beauty within yourself. It would be a shame if it remains trapped beneath the layers upon layers of protective gear. It’s time to reclaim yourself; to celebrate your vulnerability; and to reunite with that beautiful, soft side inside of you, waiting to be freed.

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