How to Be Intimate

We live today in a crisis of intimacy. People are very sexual, but ask them if they’re intimate, ask them what intimacy even means.

Let us define the terms. Sexuality; the physical part of the union. Intimacy; the spiritual part of the union. Sexuality without intimacy is essentially somewhat animalistic and primitive. It is missing a crucial ingredient if it remains merely a physical thing, as mundane, say as consuming food. While sexuality without intimacy might be enjoyable and pleasurable, it is by no means fulfilling its potential and may even have destructive elements.

Intimacy is the ability to celebrate your vulnerability and share the real you. Intimacy is the committed part of the relationship. The sanctity that you embrace.

The sacred union of intimacy and sexuality is when two people love each other and that love permeates not just the bedroom, and not just their bodies, but it permeates their psyches, their minds and their hearts, and above all, their souls.

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