How to Become a Visionary

One of the greatest compliments you can give a person is to call them a visionary. But what is a visionary? And who is a visionary?

We often think the title is reserved for the geniuses, the rare individuals that were blessed with unique foresight, prescience, wisdom and strength — a guiding light and presence.

But the truth is that every single person – you and I included – is capable of being a visionary! We each have the capacity; we just need to become aware of our uniqueness, and learn to have the courage and fortitude to not just please and conform to  others, but to be ourselves, and tap into our own powerful and life-changing value.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson and discover how YOU can become a visionary. Explore how to discover your true self, and how you can employ certain methods, a formula to use in your life to widen your horizons. Instead of looking at things with myopic vision, begin to see the panorama — and that in turn will inform and enrich every detail of your life.

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