How to Become More Sensitive

Before answering the question “how to become more sensitive?” we need to understand “why should we become more sensitive?” Sensitivity is one of the cardinal features of a healthy life, and perhaps even the cornerstone of civilization. Some scientists see sensitivity as wired into our systems. Mirror neurons are one example of our inherent (or acquired) empathy for one another. All of nature is symbiotic. Every fiber of existence is driven by an integral unity. So why would man be different? Others contend that sensitivity is a moral requirement for co-existence and a thriving community. Regardless of how you understand sensitivity — and perhaps it’s all of the above — it clearly is a critical element in life. But it remains mostly un(der)appreciated.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating dissection of sensitivity and its implications. Discover a new perspective on the meaning and significance of sensitivity — how it penetrates to the unifying core of existence, how it is an essential component in having a flourishing life and a robust universe. Learn tools how to become more sensitive — and transform the selfish world in which we live.

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Daniel M
6 years ago

Excellent as always. Thank you.

The Meaningful Life Center