Do You Know How to Interface?

The Secret Art of Connecting Paradigms: How to Create Harmony In Your Life

Do you know how to connect all the various details of your life? How about the different people you meet and experiences you encounter? And what about the different voices and demands that tug at your psyche? This isn’t a trivial question. How well you can interface between paradigms can define the success of your life and even your happiness? Integration is especially critical in our times. Once upon a time there were not that many elements to juggle in one’s life. The challenge of connecting many elements was not that difficult when people were born in the same town they died in, when our options were few, a time preceding the Industrial Revolution, when mass production, mass marketing and advertisement and global communication was non existent. Sure, people always had to bridge different forces. But it can’t be compared to our technologically advanced age, when we are literally inundated with data and messages, creating total information overload. How can one help but not become totally fragmented within this tsunami of options? How valuable is it thus today to master the art of interfacing these torrential forces, and integrating them into on harmonious whole, and even learning how to cross-pollinate between this multitude.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating Rosh Chodesh Shevat/ Bo workshop and discover the secret of fusion: Connecting seemingly different and even conflicting forces by discovering their inner unifying field of energy. In a world that seems to be quickly spiraling out of control, these invaluable secrets can help us navigate and find direction amidst the tumultuous seas of accelerating change.

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