How to Create Miracles in Your Life

Were you ever in a situation where you wished a miracle would happen in your life? Someone close to you may have been ill or suffering in some way, or you may have experienced a setback, or faced a difficult predicament. You really hoped and prayed for a miracle to happen.

All of us at some point will have moments when we wish for a miracle to save us from a seemingly helpless and hopeless circumstance.

But here’s the question: is there even such a thing as a miracle? Or is it simply wishful thinking, a nice escape into fantasy, as skeptics and cynics would have us believe? Is it the futile attempt of a desperate person seeking a delusionary lifeline to take them out of his misery? As Leonard Cohen sadly bemoans the man waiting “half my life away” for the miracle to come.

Or are miracles truly possible, and most people believe. And many testify to having experienced a miracle in their lifetime.

But what actually is a miracle? And can we create miracles in our lives?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this potentially life-changing presentation, and discover the surprising nature of a miracle, and how miracles are happening all around us all the time. Learn how to uncover and unleash the miraculous energy within your life — how to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the supernatural in the natural. It is in fact up to you whether you will live an ordinary and one dimensional life or an extraordinary and miraculous one.

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lotty Blok
4 months ago

Sjalom. To think at a miracle, it is also a question what is a miracle. It is need, in the world to be aware of pure live, but also what is manupulate. (this can give cruel fact”s, bigger problem). Is who show kindness also hand in hand with kick against an other? Isn’t posseble, to let this fight against go? Isn’t a very sad action that a human (or group) are do the things with use live as revenue model, an cold for cut the as flowers an the litle surviving spider is kill to. An push price high for human, because a area seems to be more good an beautiful for to live Is to feel sad, by this as fact’s realy a signal of weak, stupid or is it more? I think, feel, it can be connect to G’d. Strange but also clear a basic worth that oure feelings are far away from stupid, weak or los from G’d. The swan with a hurt leg, it seems, I feel very sad because he, she have no phone to call for help. I have give it to G’d, serious. After two day’s, I saw the swan by partner, on the water an it seems to be okay, with his, here leg. (maybe a other swan is, i know). I can feel in me thank G’d. But there is a reason, I think that I can’t proof that it was G’d. Maybe, it have a good reason, as present from what transcends us. I hope, that your dear father find his rest, on that way, I can’t say to me an you. “”

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