How to Criticize Without Shaming; How to Discipline Without Yelling

Do you know how to criticize and discipline in a constructive way? Do you rush to judgment? Does your critique demoralize or motivate? Does it break or build the other’s spirit? Very often we insert ourselves into the challenging situation, and react reflexively and emotionally, without deliberating on what would be best to remedy the issue. When faced with circumstances that require disciplinary action, many of us go from one extreme to the next: we either choose to ignore it or we come down hard. Is there a healthier way of disciplining and educating — be it your child, your student, your employee or anyone else you have influence over — and even yourself?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he discusses this imperative topic and discover a third approach, which balances constructive critique and productive results. Learn how to integrate discipline with love — growing the flowers while uprooting the weeds — in one seamless process of nurturing a beautiful and exquisite garden.

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