How to Deal With Enemies

One of our greatest challenges lies in knowing how to deal (or not to deal) with an enemy – real or perceived. It is also one of the most cogent signs of our characters. Do I know how to distinguish between a real enemy and a perceived one? Is everyone who disagrees with me my enemy? Do I confront or ignore my adversary? And how do I decide when to confront and when to ignore? Am I passive or aggressive? Does the enemy consume me, or can I find it within myself to transcend the situation? When crossed, will I carry a lasting grudge? Do I harbor feelings of anger and hate, the need for vengeance, the inability to let go? Do I consider reconciliation? And how much is this actually about the enemy? Perhaps it’s really about me? How does the psychological enemy within me (my fears and insecurities) impact my attitudes to the enemy without? Is it possible not to have any enemies in life? Do I cherish my friends as much as I loathe my enemies? Our answers to these questions are exceedingly telling and windows into our personalities.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he explores this important — and under-discussed — topic, which has far reaching implications in our personal, communal and global conflicts. When faced with adversity we usually react with our base emotions. Our enemies bring out the worst — and sometimes the best — in us. In this discussion you will learn how to cut to the core of the issue and identify:

  • The true meaning of an enemy.
  • How to deal with an enemy in a healthy, proactive way versus re-actively.
  • How to avoid making enemies in the first place.
  • How to take the high road – not allowing yourself to be poisoned by your enemies.
    How to grow and learn from your enemies – becoming a greater person in the process.
  • Skills to navigate the terrains of adversity.
  • Various methods (some of them surprising) to deal with enemies.

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