How to Free Your Inner Light

Chanukah Workshop

A fundamental force in science shares a strange bedfellow: religion. That force is light. Energy. Early scientists all the way to the breakthroughs of Einstein were fascinated with and theorized on the nature of light and its properties. But preceding them all is one of the most famous statements ever declared (in the opening of the Bible): “Let there be light” And it doesn’t end there. The Torah is filled with many references and rituals connected with light: The Temple Menorah, Shabbat and holiday candles, including what is relevant to this period: Chanukah lights. The mystical teachings of Kabbalah and Chassidus in particular are filled with dense and esoteric discussions on the nature of light and energy.

But a frontier far less been explored is the psychological perspective on light. What implications does light — and all its scientific and spiritual qualities — have in our personal lives? What properties constitute the light and energy within our souls? And what about black holes and other light related phenomena — can that too be found in the psyche? Is the macrocosmic view of light reflected in the microcosm of our beings? And how can understanding our inner light help us grow? Can we release a light that has been trapped and locked away?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this powerful Chanukah workshop and discover how to recognize and free your inner light. Learn how Chanukah above all is about finding your internal spark (and how Thanksgiving translated that message for the New World). Even if you have given up hope and feel that your innocence is lost and your light has been extinguished, you have the power to find your tiny flask of pure oil, and when nurtured, you can bring it alive to miraculously burn and illuminate the darkest night.

Free Chanukah Guide

The Kabbalah of Chanukah

Your free guide to a meaningful Chanuka with insights from Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of the best-seller Toward a Meaningful Life, and Rabbi Yanki Tauber, author of Inside Time.

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