How to Learn From Your Dreams

Should we interpret dreams? What exactly can dreams teach us? The content of dreams shows us fewer lessons than the act of dreaming itself. What dreams teach us is that there is a world far beyond our waking consciousness. Dreams are a doorway to your supra-conscious; a glimpse into a reality that allows you to transcend your conventional and habitual thought patterns. They are a gift that the psyche gives us to wake us up to the possibility that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes. To reap the benefits of your dreams, you must live with higher consciousness, and you must reduce the presence of your ego. It is only then that you can transcend the limitations of this physical world.


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Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
The Kabbalah of Dreams
Wednesday, November 17, 2021 @8:30pm
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7 years ago

Was in a dream early this morning today and it was like some was leaving me…i could not see the persons face,but i believe i love the person cus i cried alot when the person was going away from me..she felt pity for me and wished to stay but she could not..please what does it mean

7 years ago

I have a dream last night. I was sitting in a bench with my mother and father beside me. We were so happy that time but suddenly an earthquake came. We are located in the Philippines, my hometown but in front of us is the country of South Korea. Earthquake happened in South Korea. There’s a building there with the billboard of BTS in it. It suddenly collapses. After that I saw myself alone in that moment and start crying. My mother and father was not there beside me. I dont know why but it really ruins my mind until now. What does it mean?

6 years ago

I n the last few months I have had vivid dreams every night about losing things and always being lost and worrying about not getting home and obstacles in my way. They are not nightmares but they are quite upsetting. What does this mean?

6 years ago

I have dreams constantly about being in places I know but it’s not quite example I be on London I know London but this isn’t quite the same some similar place but when I get close to home I just can’t get their I’d go to loads of place example up a snow mouton and theirs a big glowing white moon with some people above the slopes I believe the slopes are the reservoir near me because the moon shines right above it! So frankly I believe my dreams are telling me to m lost!

6 years ago

I just woke up dreaming of messed up deformed people and animal, they keep wanting to bite my fingers. Ive had them for years.

6 years ago

I am a dog lover but in my dream I saw four dogs and they are angry at me at ready to bite me.

6 years ago

Aeroplane crashing in to the house

6 years ago

what does it mean if your dream is,your not wearing clothes

6 years ago

in the dream: i kissed my boyfriend then stabbed him then i felt my body (felt my body in the real world ) shift into another dimension then my boyfriend turned into a daemon with blood red eyes dripping blood out of them and his body turned into a horrific demon figure.i was trapped inside my dream. i couldn’t move even though i knew my bed was under me. kind of like my soul left my body for a while. when i woke up my body tingled head to toe and i still had no control over my body until i started crying and i was realised from my “dream” s grasp.

i still don’t think it was a dream… what does it mean though?

Mumtaz Ali Astorian
6 years ago

last night i have seen a dream , a snow fall show in last night in my dream. Please let me know the predict on it.

6 years ago

I dream im in a ocean i dont know what to do to get oit in there

6 years ago

I had a dream a few nights ago were I was with my best friend and everything was normal then all of a sudden she kissed me. The thing is that in the dream I didn’t pull away. we only recently started taking again and I don’t have a clue why this has come up now. what could this mean?

6 years ago

I have this dream almost every night of a tall dark man standing in the corner of my room just staring at me. But when I talk to him he dosent talk back or nod his head or anything, but somehow I know what hes saying. He seems nice and huggable but scary at the same time. what does it mean????

6 years ago

Not gone anywhere just being stubbornly selfish and not leaving projects uncompleted

6 years ago

It means its the real deal baby and this is where we sepaerate good from evil and we do not prolong anything. You have to be most certainly charming sensitive romantic playful considerate of your partners needs up your game to the max. Period regardless its just tht plain like jain and know when youdo and will come home all those you know and who love you are here praying and missing you.

6 years ago

Goodnite and dream only of me my king

6 years ago

I had the same dream last night that i have had a few times before…that my husband just goes off without saying phone call and phone is switched off..i am looking for him but cant find him…a friend speeds in his car with me in it and i tell him to stop but he keeps on..and he crashes into a shop post..road is wet from the rain..also looking standing and walking across the beach…what does this all mean please

Natalie Salazar
5 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

I’ve had a dream some what similar with me looking for my husband and this was years ago. We’re no longer together. I’m not saying that will happen to you but that’s what happened to me.

6 years ago

at night when I was riding my bike i saw a old man near cemetery he asks for lift and I didn’t stop what does this mean

6 years ago

Seen yourself in a boat in the river and been intercet by some minitary men ant leave us,what Did that mean?

Maria Andrea
6 years ago

What does it mean when my daughter dreamt that I committed suicide in the “bad part” of New York she says. Yet knowing that in and out of her dreams I’d NEVER commit suicide bc I’d NEVER leave her (in her own words- which are true).
The two of us are supposed to take a road trip to New York but she is now too afraid bc she thinks something may happen…

5 years ago

What does it mean when you wake up in the morning and you see a deer run through your yard?

5 years ago

The paint in my walls were falling off in large pieces .

Suzanne y
5 years ago

I had a dream the house I’m purchasing somebody set it on fire and it blew up to a million pieces I was nothing left

Katie Curry
5 years ago

Can someone help me break an occurring dream? Every night the same thing. My husband of 40 years has another wife & life. She is very young & I know her name. Her youngest child belongs to my husband. I am constantly fighting with her, sometimes physically. He seems to love both of us. These dreams are exhausting & very real. In real life another woman has never been our problem. How can I stop these irritating dreams?

Natalie Salazar
5 years ago
Reply to  Katie Curry

I think you fear that’ll he’ll leave you for someone else.

Marcus Cossey
5 years ago

I my dream last I was in a terrible fistfight with my mom what does that mean?

4 years ago

Honorable Rebbe Simon, I had always been puzzled why you and misc syngogues did not provide dream classes. So now you are doing so. Will this be a flash or an ongoing program for life? I politely ask and challenge you because The Torah is inclusive of dream inspiration and guidance. Its a pleasure. I M HONORED TO BE A JEW. Israel Is The Light Unto The Nations

Reuben Green
2 years ago

How can you be rejuvenated by a dream that you don’t understand? That’s like feeling uplifted by something someone tells you in Chinese- when you don’t speak that language.

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