How to Listen to Your Body

We often hear about listening to the voice of your soul. Allowing your spiritual aspirations to express themselves. Some call it: Freeing your spirit. But did you know that your body too contains many messages for you?

Remember, your body and soul have been traveling together through your life. And just as your soul has memories so does your body.

Your body silently watches and absorbs every one of your life experiences. These experiences become etched into the crevices of your body, and from time to time your body will remind you of them. It may be through blushing or goosebumps (more superficial bodily reactions), or it may be through your body stiffening up and feeling anxious. Do you ever feel like you are “in knots,” or have “butterflies in your stomach?” The body has many ways to communicate with us. It may be through trembling or freezing up in certain situations, or it may be through a racing heart and feelings of panic. Even certain itches, tics, fluttering eyes, or other contortions and knee-jerk reactions reflect deeper experiences — many of which we may not be aware of. How often do we have a physical reaction to something, with no clue as to why? Someone may bring up a topic, or even express an opinion, and your body lock up or reacts in another way. It’s like someone getting close to a raw nerve, which you only become aware of when you feel the touch. Body language is a very profound communicator — and barometer.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson’s fascinating class as he dissects the inner story of Balaam and his… donkey — and derives from it powerful lessons how to listen to our body language. Discover how your body (not just your soul) can save your life, protect your psyche and even free your soul…

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Ivy Tan
4 years ago

Thank you for this Rabbi!

The Meaningful Life Center