How to Overcome Fear

One of our greatest enemies is a silent enemy. It’s called fear. Its power lies not in aggression, not in violence and not in sheer fire power. Its power lies in its inconspicuous and insidious ability to paralyze us; to hold us back and prevent us from moving forward.

What effect does fear have on your life? And what can we do to counter it? Being that it’s not an overt enemy you really can’t measure its consequences in a tangible way. But how many decisions do we not make, how many moves do we not take and how many elements in our lives would be different if fear was not holding us back?

The first step to taking control of fear is identifying this invisible enemy that is lurking in shadows. The second step is then confronting and countering it.

This is especially relevant in today’s volatile climate, in a world with so many unknowns and uncertainties. The wars being waged, the polarization in our society, and so many other shifting standards create a deep-seated disorientation due to the ever changing landscape. There are so many turbulent factors that are contributing to a certain unease, a disruption of norms and of constants you can rely on. Without these solid foundations in place in our lives, our collective and individual fear level only rises.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this very pertinent discussion on fear and its consequences. Discover the secret to identifying this silent enemy and explore tools and methods to conquer the fear, and free ourselves of its invisible tentacles — and live a liberated life, with the courage to spread your wings and actualize your greatest potential.

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Robin Michelle
5 months ago

This was beautiful to listen to! Thank you for the encouragement to face our fears, what if the fear is real, and the real is other humans in our life that can’t or won’t be changed.

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