How to Turn Liabilities Into Assets

How good are you at dealing with setbacks and disappointments? Why do some people handle them better than others? Is that ability hardwired, or is there a method that we can learn how to cope with challenges? Failure and loss can bring out either the best or the worst of us. Our true characters and strengths emerge when faced with an obstacle. But it goes further than that: Not only can we learn to move forward despite adversary, there exists a formula to actually turn liabilities into assets. And come out stronger and greater. To understand how requires a new way of looking at problems and difficulties.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this Behar-Bechukotei workshop as he dissects the “curses” in this chapter, and uncovers the deeper blessings they contain. A mysterious episode in the Talmud, in which R’ Elozor was “cursed” by the sages his father sent him to for blessings, illuminates for us how the greatest gifts arrive in seemingly unseemly “packages.”

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