Is Love Real? (Or Just a Chemical Reaction?)

Love – we all need it and yet we find it so difficult to attain. It is perhaps the most elusive of all experiences.

What is love? Is is real or just a chemical reaction? Is it just another physical/psychological aspect to our being or is there something deeper, a spiritual/ethereal component to love?

Schopenhauer notoriously wrote, “Love is based on an illusion and represents what is an advantage to the species as an advantage to the individual.”

Is this correct? Is love simply a way of nature tricking and deceiving us in order to perpetuate the species? Are we simply being fooled into “loving” in order to survive?

Or is there something more transcendent, something deeper going on?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this vital conversation and discover that not only is love real, it is actually the key to turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the sublime. Love is our ability to bring eternity into our impermanent lives; infuse immortality into our mortality; fuse the infinite and the finite.

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10 months ago

The workings of Rabbi Simon Jacobson’s brain amaze me.
Beautiful, very special, and quite admirable.
Thank you Powers That Be, and thank you, Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

The Meaningful Life Center