Is Money The Source Of All Evil?

Money certainly has the power to corrupt and destroy. Just look around you — and look back into history — for countless examples of the ugly ways money perverts people, the extremes individuals will go to in pursuit of wealth, and how it turns people and even families against each other, often with tragic consequences. But money has also been used in the noblest ways and has built the most beautiful institutions. So which one is it? Money clearly can bring out the worst and the best in us. Is money — and materialism in general — the root of the problem, or is it our excessive attachment to money and material indulgences?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson as he challenges us to dig deeper and realize that the real question is not about the nature of money, but the nature of us humans: Are we at heart material beings or spiritual ones? To understand what money is we first need to understand who we are. Discover a new way to look at money and the material world around you — through the lens of your soul instead of the lens of your body.

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