Is Suicide a Solution? Perspective from Kabbalah

With high profile celebrity suicides in recent news, this painfully tragic issue has returned to the fore. Perhaps the single most dreaded and shame-filled act, suicide remains one of the darkest deeply hidden secrets in a family’s life. Citing statistics about something so alarming, seems callous and insensitive, yet this unfortunate data can hopefully serve to propel us to action with increased and focused urgency. Facing the devastating facts, that 45,000 people die by suicide each year – and that’s only in the USA – should open our eyes and hearts to be more vigilant to the signs of those who are at risk. The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 13.42 per 100,000 individuals… And this does not even touch upon attempted suicides.

What can we do to stem this tide? What can we do or say to someone with suicidal thoughts or words? How can we help a family member or friend in need?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson as he addresses this most distressing issue from both a practical and spiritual perspective. Rabbi Jacobson will offer preemptive methods to help anyone who may be contemplating suicide and will provide empowering tools to those who have family or friends at risk. Whether you are dealing with this issue or not, you won’t want to miss this important talk, which will lift you up as you learn to appreciate the soaring journey of your soul and its possibilities.

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Judy beltz
6 years ago

I lost a member of our extended family young man 28 years old who took his life it’s hard to understand his mother And father loved him
though they were separated and his father died when he was young apparently he never dealt with the confidence that he needed he left a note saying the pain is too great I have to end it all
what the pain exactly what is none of us quite understood
the podcast was great I
I didn’t understand when he talked about the experience and the money and
the ending Saying he only hope it happens once I didn’t get that I thought somebody with money could help some with experience in some of that experience can help someone with money and it’s a good thing to happen over and over again didn’t quite get it

6 years ago

Dear Rabbi,
This topic is powerful and meaningful, thank you for addressing it and bringing it out of the shadows.
I respectfully disagree with you in a profound way. Truly life is precious and wonderous filled with beauty and miracles.
Alas we also live in a world of rampent corruption in religious institutions, governments, police, injustice in so many ways, poverty, hunger, persecution, sexual abuse/trafficking, decease, ironic pain/old age decline, isolation/loneliness, I can go on. For some the painful existence in this world it too much to endure. I submit that it’s not why individuals are so desperate that they end their existence but why more individuals don’t opt out more. Rabbi you dedicate so much time and effort to countering the darkness you know this, that is why you use your gift and make it your ‘mission” to do what you do. In this day and age of technology and communication it is ironic that we feel more disconnected and isolated, This generation is experiencing this more and more especially with social media. It has been mentioned as of late that relationships can help you live longer just as much as exercise and a healthy diet. We are thrusted into this world against our will, forced to live against our will and in the end taken
against our will. Taking your own life gives you some control and that is to turn off the insanity and pain. It may be a fantasy but
many people entertain this thought, The ramifications of taking this action is devastating to those who are intimately connected to the individual.
Our survival mechanism of self preservation is powerful but can be overridden in situations. There is also a noble suicides such as the story of Masada and soliders making the ultimate sacrifice for their country or save their comrades in battle. I understand we should choose life but there are times when the final exit is an attractive and necessary option.
Thank you hearing me out.

The Meaningful Life Center