It’s All in the Details

Jacob’s Tiny Vessels

How important are details in our lives? Some say that the “devil is in the details,” suggesting that when you look closely at any given item you discover problems you would not have noticed otherwise. But if you are more optimistic or don’t take the devil so seriously, you would say “G-d is in the details.” Which one is it for you? Take a complex corporate merger: Following the initial meeting of the minds and agreement in principle comes the most difficult part: hammering out the details. Or any great innovation, as revolutionary ground-breaking as it may be, the difference between success and failure will be in the smallest specifics. But on the other hand, if details are so vital, why is it that so many of us feel that we are drowning in the details of our lives?! Why do we so often feel like life is moving on while we’re busy with minutiae? Is G-d in the details or in the big picture? Are the details diabolical or divine?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this intriguing Vayishlach workshop about a lonely man who, after relocating his entire family and possessions, returns to retrieve small details, only to be engaged in a deadly battle, and how this contains the secret to taking control and making sense of the details of our own lives. Was the battle with the devil or the divine? Discover how small little matters contain the ultimate greatness, but only when they are infused with vision.

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