Jewish Spirituality & Recovery from Addiction

Join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a talk on Jewish spirituality and the road to recovery from addiction.

  • We know the symptoms of addiction. But what are its roots?
  • Understanding the vacuum in our lives
  • How boredom is a breeding ground for so many problems
  • Unhealthy vs. healthy addiction
  • Attachment disorder: Loving the wrong things
  • Your inner child: your purest prototype
  • How lack of healthy attachment creates unhealthy attachments aka addictions
  • The genesis of dissonance and duplicity
  • Freeing the angels trapped inside you
  • The effects of spending nine months submerged in embryonic fluids
  • All our drives, healthy or unhealthy, are seeking love and connection
  • Morning and evening exercises
Transform Your Biggest Struggles

Vice Advice Web Series

Struggling with anger, vanity, lust, greed, frivolity, slothfulness, or melancholy? Discover how to step into your power and conquer your vices.

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4 years ago

Is this starting soon?

The Meaningful Life Center