Leave Your Past Behind

How can you leave your past behind and move forward with your life? You must have a vision for the future. Without this vision, you will gravitate toward the things that controlled you in the past. The best way to fill the void left by the past is by having something positive to look forward to — like a passion, something to fight for. Please join best-selling author and counselor-to-thousands Rabbi Simon Jacobson for a powerful three-minute talk about the power of your vision for the future. Overcome your fear and trauma by investing your energy into your mission in life!

This is an excerpt from: Are You a Pioneer?

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Live with Rabbi Simon Jacobson
Look Back. Move Forward.
Wednesday, December 27, 2023 @8:30pm
Live Stream | Podcast

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Reuben Green
4 years ago

There are times when the negative feelings of the past are so strong, that trying to focus on the positive inner energies – is impossible. Impossible. And in those cases -paradoxically- the solution is to focus ON those negative feelings, because the solution to the problem, the connection with the positive energy, will come dafka from there. Sometimes, suggesting paths that the rational mind could have never thought of. Other times, all that’s necessary is to plainly connect to the negative feelings and FEEL THEM INTENSELY. It works similar to drying a pond with stuck contaminated water. The more you feel it -giving it legitimacy and understanding- the more weaker those feelings become. It’s as if you’re evaporizing the contaminated pond water with great heat .

Inner pain – whether from the past or from whenever- isnt an enemy to be overcome. Its an ally to be understood, and included.
Positive thinking by itself doesn’t always solve things. More often than not, positive thinking will flower from WITHIN the pain of the past.

4 years ago

I can’t get the video to play

Keith karon
3 years ago

Very valid and true

lotty Blok
6 months ago

Right, it is more lightening for me that there is posit….(for me). But, it can also help to be aware that many human in past have ware as message bump to truth mission. An, was there room, helping hand for watch to this concept, was there healing or survive. No, I don’t speak things right in the world if is not right an what is or can force me (for bow, to dominance, other), I feel nega-, I know this. But, it is posseble (i hope) to give energy for choice adult, proceed an go forwards, movement can only (begin) in here an now. What is the holy name of G’d……….an from Upperlight??

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