Life After Life — Where Does the Soul Go?

One of – if not – the most timeless questions we all ask is: What happens to the soul after death? Where does the soul go to? But is the very premise of this question presumptuous? Our life experiences are mostly limited to the physical and the empirical, defined by our senses which serve as our primary tools. How then can these limited instruments grasp supra-sensory experiences, let alone soulful ones?! How can we expect that they define dimensions of reality that are outside of their narrow scope? So then how can we speak about the soul and the ethereal in any meaningful way?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this monumental discussion — essential to anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of the soul and its journey on earth and beyond. Discover new tools that allow us to experience dimensions that are beyond the limits of our conventional tools. Learn to think and see life through the eyes of your soul  instead of the eyes of your body. Open yourself to new vistas — and connect with the soul both in this world and beyond in ways you could never have imagined.

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7 years ago

Excellent! Thanks.

7 years ago

Excellent! Thank you.

Steve Brenner
7 years ago

Dissapointed not having closed captioning for the dear being implemented on the video.
We deaf people need to understand what this topics is all about!

Liora Kohan
1 year ago

Hello Rabbi Jacobson. I think it would be helpful for your organization to be able to have your videos transcribed. That way people can review the notes without having to reply the video (not that I don’t enjoy ;).
Also, the music talk was so interesting and I want more. This is related, but I thought you might give some examples of the different music that you have experience and provided some examples. I appreciate all the wonderful information and don’t mean to be critical….. just some suggestions for a stronger platform 😉

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