Look Back. Move Forward.

How do you experience renewal in your life? How do you truly move forward, away from all your old baggage, your past experiences? Can you truly let bygones be bygones and forge ahead into a new future?

Every one of us, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, are always seeking to improve our life, but often our past haunts us, holding us back from growth.

Is there a way out of that trap? Can we learn to not ignore our past, but also not to let it hold us hostage?

As we prepare to enter the Hebrew New Year, this is the perfect opportunity to begin anew.

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson for this special program. Discover how to use your past as a stepping stone into your future; to reflect on the year we are leaving behind – all the good and all the challenges that came along with it – and use the energy to propel you forward into new and unprecedented horizons.

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