Love is in the Air: Elul in Jerusalem

Love is one of the most common and powerful words in our lexicon. More books, poems and songs have been written about love than about virtually any topic on earth. A Google search for the word “love” yields over 4.6 billion results, four times the amount of results for the word “God” and double the results for the word “money” or “health.” But love is also an enigma; shrouded in deep mystery: No one can seem to figure out what makes love work, and how to achieve a healthy and sustainable relationship. Love carries tremendous potency. It can be all consuming, bringing people to their knees, causing people to do almost anything, for the good or for the opposite. Love can bring people to the highest states of pleasure and inner peace, or to intense misery and broken hearts.

Is there a secret to love? What are its ingredients? Is love about taking or giving?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this special Elul workshop broadcast from Jerusalem and discover how the holiest city on earth — the gate to heaven — can open for us the mystery of love and awe. Learn how this month of Elul — an acronym for “I am to my beloved and my beloved to me” — teaches us how to start anew and open up a new chapter of love in our lives.

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