AI vs. Man: Who Is Smarter?

A new frontier is upon us.

Artificial intelligence has been talked about, written about and discussed in the form of predictions, prophecies and science fiction for centuries. Books have been written and movies produced foreshadowing a world driven and even controlled by robots and machines.

But now we are actually experiencing it, living with it — we have entered into a new era of AI that some are heralding as nothing less than a revolution, comparable to the greatest intellectual breakthroughs in history. With the development of ChatGPT, self-driving cars and so many new technologies, we have robots, machines and drones that are programmed to replace so many of our daily tasks. But not just mundane activities; we now have tools that can replicate and perhaps surpass the very process of human cognition. With our great minds, we have designed programs infused with human intelligence, experience and collective knowledge that are not simply covering menial tasks but can even channel creativity and the imagination. We put all that information into them and are not just getting facts and crunched results in return – we are also getting a process, a method; a seemingly mind of its own is emerging.

So what does the future hold? Will machines ultimately take over and replace man? Are we headed toward a doomsday and apocalyptic scenario? Should we be putting a plan in place to save mankind from the invading technologies? Are we creating monsters that will come back to haunt us?

Or will all these new developments elevate the human race to a whole new level of higher consciousness? Will these programs enhance our lives and help us reach unprecedented new heights?

Please join Rabbi Simon Jacobson in this revolutionary talk and discover a refreshing approach to channel and embrace the new frontier that is upon us. These new technologies compel us to revisit the very nature of intelligence, and indeed the very nature of being human. What is the role and purpose of the mind? What defines us as humans? By exploring the deeper dimensions of knowledge and intelligence, we can learn to appreciate how to properly use artificial Intelligence and all its hidden potential for greatness to help us actualize our higher calling.

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