How Consciousness is Born: 6 Steps from the Quantum Supra-Conscious to the Conscious [Part 1]

Do you ever wonder where consciousness comes from? When an idea suddenly falls into your head, where did it originate? That aha moment… what brought it on?

As conscious beings we are aware of our thoughts, our experiences and phenomena around us. But what lies behind the curtain of our perception? If consciousness is the outer tip of the iceberg, what does the iceberg look like? Can we access it?

Understanding the supra-conscious and how it impacts our lives is not simply an academic, psychological or even philosophical discussion. It affects all our activities and encounters, which are the surface expression of these subliminal forces within.

Our memories and experiences — our traumas and joys, from the youngest age — whether we are aware of them or not, are all embedded into our psyche. These forces, even if deeply buried and concealed, impact your external life experiences – your fears, your joys, your attractions, your repulsions. Every past experience will inform your future experiences. Especially ones that engage your vulnerabilities and emotions. Thus, peering behind the scenes into your inner workings, can help you gain some understanding and mastery of your outer reactions.

The bridge between the supra-conscious and the conscious can also help expand the flow of your creative juices. Discovering how creativity is born – ideas, innovations – is critical to living your most successful life and actualizing your potential.

So understanding how consciousness is born and its earliest roots, can help us revisit the source — the engine room of supra-consciousness — to perhaps charge and rewire our underlying neurons, to fire on new cylinders.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this revolutionary talk as he deciphers a 16th century kabbalistic text in the Pardes of the great mystic, R’ Moshe Kordevoro, describing the metamorphosis from the quantum supra-conscious to the conscious. Take a journey through the six steps of this fascinating process — from the very conception of consciousness in their undefined, nebulous states, traveling along as these states take form and become more crystallized, ultimately evolving into the defined state of consciousness that we are aware of. Discover how to unlock your psyche, spread your wings, your channels and horizons, experience higher states of consciousness — and how to integrate that into your conscious life and relationships.

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Jennifer Bahssin
1 year ago

Loved this shiur about consciousness- have often wondered where that spark of inspiration comes from. What is the source of creativity- ? Looking forward to the rest of this series. Thank you!

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