Meet Your Seven Emotions

Your seven emotions, according to Kabbalah, are: Love, Restraint, Compassion, Endurance, Humility, Bonding, and Dignity. There is no reaction that you have that is not related to one or more of these seven emotions. They encompass the whole range of human experience. Knowing your seven emotions is the cornerstone of refining them. While each of us was born with certain strengths and challenges, we are capable of refining our personalities. Do you always have to react the same way? Certainly not. You can go beyond simply controlling your reactions to actually changing your emotions at the core soul level. This is the work we do during the 49 Days of Counting the Omer (which begin on the second day of Passover and end on the holiday of Shavuot). Rabbi Jacobson’s book, Spiritual Guide to Counting the Omer, brings alive the mystical poetry of these days with a day-by-day guide leading you toward developing your character and attaining spiritual fulfillment. In addition to buying the book, we also offer free options to guide you through this 49-day process of self-growth, including a free App for Android and iPhone, and a daily email.


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