Moon Walk: Lunar Insights into the Psyche

Do you ever feel down and just worn out by life? One easy way to rise above the drudgery of our routines and transcend existential loneliness is to look up into the heavens and gaze at the moon. Even when the world is engulfed in heavy darkness the lunar glow, in all its haunting majesty, casts its mystical rays on us. What lays beneath the moon’s mystique?

3326 years ago a man was shown the new moon — and all of history changed forever. That new moon taught him and us the power of rebirth, the way to find redemption. Just imagine: When we stare at the moon today we are looking at exactly the same moon that Moses was shown over three millennia ago; the same moon that people have been mesmerized by throughout history. So next time you view the moon, think to yourself: who else before me has been inspired by its hovering radiance?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this illuminating Tazria-HaChodesh workshop and discover how the moon today can help us discover rebirth and redemption in our present lives and relationships. Learn how to recognize the moonlight in your own soul and in the soul of others.

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