Vice Advice Part One: Anger

We all have our vices, as we do our virtues. Though it is certainly healthier and more productive to focus on broadening our positivity rather than slaying the demons of negativity, there are times when we do need to focus on our darker sides in order to gain mastery over them.

Do you struggle with anger, vanity, lust, greed, frivolity, slothfulness, melancholy? Tune in to this new Vice Ad-vice series, beginning this week, and discover new ways to conquer these, and other vices.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson for part one of this series: Addressing the Vice of Anger. What is the root of anger? How do you deal with anger? Are some people born angrier than others? Does an anger gene exist? Can one truly transform anger or is just suppressing it the best we can hope for? Are there benefits to anger?

Discover a refreshing, surprising way to look at anger directly in its face. Learn how to use new tools which will teach you not only how to disarm anger, but how to harness it for a greater benefit.

Watch the complete 8-Part Vice Advise Series here.

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Russ Malinas
7 years ago

Simon, You are a great teacher. Thank you so much. Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are called Elements. Is that the word you were looking for.

7 years ago

Rabbi, Thank you so much for your teaching this is very interesting.

Kevin O'Neil
7 years ago

Dear Mr Jacobson, I am grateful for the thing called Cyberspace because it means that I can listen to your invaluable teaching from 3,000 miles away. How I wish I could physically attend the class!

Erika Simon
4 years ago
Reply to  Kevin O'Neil

Me too!! Rabbi Jackobson is invaluable and I feel fortunate to be living in the era of the internet! I find the teachings so valuable that they get passed on to my nonjewish friends who really appreciate the weekly lessons on utube. Greetings from Lugano, Switzerland

Parshuram Yerunkar
6 years ago

Anger Management class

5 years ago

happy to today
angry to today

5 years ago

I would like to get rid of my anger and I wanna start fresh with my wife

5 years ago

This will really help me today

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