Newsmax: New Years Resolutions for 2022 with Simon Jacobson

Happy New Years from the Meaningful Life Center! Rabbi Jacobson brings hope to the world in 2022 on National TV.

The New Year is a time for deep personal introspection; to reflect on the past year — take inventory of our highs and lows, our achievements and our mistakes, and a day to look toward the future — see how can we do better, how can we make 2022 our best year – our best self – yet.

Practical takeaway exercise: All of us have gone through different challenges and changes in the past year. With the new year upon us, this is an opportunity for renewal. A new year actually brings a new unprecedented energy, new possibilities. Let us use this opportunity to begin the year with a new mindset, one that is not polluted by the anxieties of the past year. Ask yourself: How can I use this opportunity to create a real difference in my personal life and the world around me?

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