Night Vision: How the Moon Can Teach Us to See the World in New Ways

Can you see in the dark? And even if you could, what would you see? This isn’t a trick question or a theoretical exercise. It actually reflects a vital dilemma that affects us all: How can we address inner emotional challenges — fears and anxieties — that lay embedded in the darker crevices of our psyche, perhaps even in our invisible unconscious? How can we plan for the future when we are traveling in the “dark” with no clue as to what tomorrow brings? How can we improve our relationships, our love and our intimacy when we can’t see within our own souls and certainly not in the soul of another?

Linear thinking — the way most of us look at things (what is called conventional wisdom) — dictates that we can see clearly only by day, when the sun is shining brightly, or when there is another form of light. In darkness, whether at night or in other darkened states, we are unable to see. In truth, however, in the blackness of night we can see things that are not visible in daylight. The murky shadows can reveal a reality that is concealed by outer illumination. For example, all real things like love, truth, soul, resilience, can be seen better in the dark then in the light. Yes indeed, with our eyes closed, undistracted by external stimulation, we can see dimensions invisible to the naked eye.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this… illuminating pre-Tu-B’Av workshop and learn to see yourself and the world with new eyes. Discover the powerful mystique of the night moon and how it reveals the inner secrets of your soul and your potential. Solar light illuminates the surface dimensions, but lunar light — when you aren’t distracted by the surface — exposes far deeper levels, which when accessed can transform every aspect of existence.

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