Nothing is as Whole as a Broken Heart

Between Av and Elul

What is more complete: Arrogant success or humble failure? What teaches us more: Joy or pain? When do you know that your love is full: When you laugh or when you cry? We all certainly deserve not to have to suffer, and we surely would do everything to prevent that, but none of us are immune to life’s challenges. The bigger question is not how to avoid pain, but what to do and how to grow through it. As some say: The only way out is through.

A Chassidic saying: Nothing is as straight as a crooked ladder, nothing as crooked as a straight (white) lie, nothing as complete as a broken heart, nothing as broken as a haughty spirit. We can add: Nothing is as loud as silent pain, and nothing as silent as boisterous noise. Nothing is as quiet as a warming flame, and nothing as noisy as an empty kettle.

As we move from the broken moon and dignity of the 9th of Av to the full moon of the 15th of Av; from the inner shadows and black holes of our souls in the sad month of Av into the love and embrace of Elul — please join Rabbi Jacobson in this fascinating talk and discover how our cracks are the pathways to our greatest achievements. Learn how the darkness of Av and its diminished moon, like a black hole, is a springboard to the deepest forms of light and illumination. Tap into these forces which can transform our lives and our relationships.

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