Now What?

In a year filled with uncertainties — caused by the current pandemic and social upheavals — we now have another unknown on our hands: the results of a bitterly fought presidential election. After months of a nasty and polarizing campaign, exacerbated by partisan media, we all hoped that we finally would arrive at some resolution, if not peace of mind, with the election night results declaring a clearly defined winner. But no. We have not been allowed even this one brief reprieve. We don’t even know when we will know who the next president will be. And even when the winner will be announced, how will that impact our country and the world?

What is going on? How do we explain the unknowns piling up one after another? Just nine months ago life seemed to be sailing along relatively smoothly, traveling on a pretty reliable trajectory. Our schedules and plans were in place; our institutions were stable (with the usual ups and downs of the ebb and flow). But then Covid-19 and its collateral impact disrupting every segment of society, with no clear path ahead.

Doubt and uncertainty are very unsettling and disconcerting. They unnerve us and undermine our sense of security. How can we find some balance and equilibrium amidst today’s chaos and confusion?

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this timely and relevant post-election talk and learn how to look at the unknowns of our lives with a new bird’s eye view perspective. Discover how to use disruption and unpredictability as a springboard to forge a visionary path into the future.

You don’t want to miss this crucial and empowering talk.

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