Ordinary People Becoming Extraordinary

Do you consider yourself ordinary? Who would you describe as being extraordinary? What defines a hero? Who are the people you admire most? Are they also your role models? What are our criteria for greatness?

The standards for excellence in our modern culture are quite confusing. The idols we worship today — superstars in sports, Hollywood, TV and all our other cultural symbols — deeply skew and distort reality. How can anyone growing up in today’s society have a clear headed view on true value and worth when the greatest premium is placed on celebrity hood, wealth, power and influence? When looks and pizzazz eclipse substance and character, how can an impressionable child ever hope to value the simple beauty of the “ordinary” person and the power of innocence and unadorned beauty? In the shadow of fantasy stars of celluloid and gold, no wonder so many of us consider ourselves ordinary, plain and unexciting.

And yet, history is witness to ordinary people becoming extraordinary — “regular” people changing lives and even the future of the world. It makes you wonder whether there is such a thing as ordinary.

Please join Rabbi Jacobson in this eye-opening discussion, challenging our current views on the meaning of ordinary and extraordinary. Discover how to look beyond the glitz and glitter — beyond the modern forces which, deliberately or inadvertently, blind us — and see the extraordinary within the ordinary, the unusual within the usual, the miraculous within the natural. And above all, that you — yes, you — are the most extraordinary thing on this planet. And you have the power to create magic wherever you go and with whomever you meet.

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