How to Overcome Relationship Insecurity

Why are most, if not all of us, afraid of being vulnerable? Because we’re scared of being hurt. Young and innocent children do not share these concerns (until they are sadly given a reason to), but adults, particularly once we’ve been wounded or betrayed, are subject to, and often haunted by anxieties. These fears are usually beneath the surface, and relatively easy to conceal (though at times it takes “creativity” to mask our insecurities). However, these apprehensions surface, often glaringly, when we enter into relationships. Suddenly our vulnerabilities become exposed: will I be loved, or will I be rejected? Do I deserve to be loved? Am I trustworthy? Can I trust another? Am I making a good impression?

Is there a way to get beyond our fears and insecurities especially when it comes to relationships? This is the topic being addressed by Rabbi Jacobson in this candid talk on how to build the security and courage necessary for creating a healty and sustainable relationship. In his inmitable style Rabbi Jacobson takes you on a journey deep into your inner psyche, reaching places that you may have previously not seen; intimate recesses that are deeper than your hurts and fears — chambers that are rock solid and secure, where you can celebrate your vulnerability.

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7 years ago

So caring, uplifting, and encouraging.
Thank you – from heart to heart.
May G-d bless you and your Family till 120 !

7 years ago

Thank you so much for a wonderful shiur. Shabbat shalom!

7 years ago

Thank you Rabbi.Zei Gebencht!!

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